Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following topics to better understand Cheetado’s process.

About Services

Our Process

  1. The client fills out the startup form, makes the initial payment, and then schedules the 30-minute video conference appointment.

  2. During the appointment, we gather all the needed information about your business from you.

  3. In the next 10 business days (Phase I) we build your presentation website and then present it to you.

    • If you are satisfied with the result, the last payment is due and you’ll receive your website.

    • If you want to make any additional changes, we enter Phase II (20 more non-business days). Payment will then be due at the end of these 20 days and you’ll receive your finished website with requested changes.

CheetaDo’s Offer To You

I think we can all agree that pretty much every business owner is busy doing one main thing: RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS! Nobody has the extra time to build a whole website from the ground up because…TIME IS MONEY!

This is where we come in: let us do what we do best and you keep doing what you do best!

The only thing that’s required of you is 30 MINUTES for a video conference with us in which we gather the right information about your business. We work our magic and IN 10 BUSINESS DAYS you’ll have yourself a READY TO GO LIVE PRESENTATION WEBSITE.

OUR MAGIC consists of the following:

  • We write professional content for your website based on the information you provide us with

  • We find professional pictures and/or videos for your website

  • We create a logo for your business, if you don’t already have one or you just want a new one

  • We build you a stunning customized website with all the pieces unique to your business

  • We handover the keys to your home (website) in 10 business days, along with full ownership rights

CheetaDo’s side of things, in a few more details…

  1. We’ll review the initial information you submit via the startup form and prepare ourselves accordingly for our 30-minute video conference together.

  2. We’ll record our meeting together to make sure we don’t miss any important information.

  3. We’ll then take all the gathered information and distribute it within our team as follows:

  • Content creators will write professional content for your website, so you don’t have to!

    • In our experience, creating content for a website seems to be the hardest part for our clients. Good-bye to months of wasted time, back and forth between website creator and client, trying to extract & create content: Why don’t we just go ahead and save both parties unnecessary frustration and have all the website content professionally written? All you have to do now is share those basic pieces of information with us during the video conference and it’s a win-win!

  • Web designers will divide all that content into the main components of your business’s website. Designers will then create a mock-up of each webpage.

  • Developers will make the website come to life using the mock-up and any other helpful information received from the you, the client, during the video conference.

  • Once all the pieces come together, our designers review the entire website, check for errors, test out forms, and determine a domain name, if the client hasn’t already provided us with one.

  • At this point, 10 business days have passed and we present you with the website:

    • If you’re happy with the final result, then you’re ready to go live!

    • If you’re not happy yet and would like to make some changes first, then please see the “what if I don’t like the website?” tab.

The Startup Form

MAIN CONTACT INFORMATION (required), including:

  • First

  • Last

  • Phone #

  • Email

VERY BASIC BUSINESS INFORMATION (optional on form, required in video conference, please come prepared with what you have), for example:

  • Business Name

  • What does your business do? (short description)

  • Domain name, if any (this is your business’s web address, something like “”)

  • Website’s hosting account, if any (this is the company that hosts/keeps your website, known as a web hosting company)

  • Current corporate image, if any (this includes things like a logo, a business card, a brochure, a flyer, a website, etc.)

  • Any already written content, if any (anything you have describing the business that’s either typed up or in a digital format)

  • And your answer to the following question: Will your website have any association with pornographic nudity, illegal drugs, contraband, or witchcraft. If so, this disqualifies the client from receiving our services.

THE INITIAL PAYMENT (required), which sets everything in motion.

SCHEDULE THE 30 MINUTE VIDEO CONFERENCE (required) with our agents, based on availability.

The 30-Minute Video Conference

This video conference is the only time we’ll require your input so that we can start building your website. We’ll record our time together so that we can reference the information as we build and that way, not miss any critical information.

We estimate the virtual meeting to last about 30 minutes, time in which we’ll gather as much useful information as possible about the following:

  • Business description (What’s your company all about? What do you do? What are your vision/mission statements, if any?)

  • Business history (When was it established? By whom? With what vision? Etc.)

  • Business goals (Where do you want to take the business? What’s the direction? What does it look like 5-10 years from now?)

  • Prospective clients (Who are you trying to reach? Who’s your target audience? To whom are you (or trying to) sell your services/products? What are you trying to accomplish?)

  • Design preferences (Things like preferred colors, shapes, the overall look & feel of the website…feel free to provide examples of other websites you like or even your competition’s website)

  • Logo preferences, if you don’t already have one (Preferences like colors, shapes, look & feel, etc.)

We’ll also take the time to make sure you understand the following basic concepts:


  • What is a LOGO?

  • What is WEB HOSTING?

  • What is a DOMAIN NAME?



  • What does it mean to OWN THE WEBSITE & ITS CONTENT?

We’ll also make sure you understand what VALUE you’re getting for your money & review financials.

Cheetado’s 2-phase process:

Once we finish our video conference together we enter PHASE I, which is 10 business days until we provide you with a ready & working presentation website, along with all the ownership rights.

  • If you are satisfied with the product, the remaining 20% of the payment will be due at this time and you’re good to go! We’ll get you going live based on what you chose for hosting and domain name.

  • If you are not happy with the website yet and would like to make changes first, we enter

    • PHASE II: an additional 20 (non-business) days in which a max of 3 website and/or 3 logo changes can be made.

    • At the end of these 20 days, the remaining 20% of payment is due.

    • If there are still more changes or updates you would like to make beyond the initial 3 and 3, then our design & programming team will provide you with a quote and discuss how to move forward to better meet your website needs.

Cancellation Options

  1. If you change your mind and cancel within the FIRST 24 HOURS of your initial payment, you’ll be FULLY REFUNDED.

  2. If the 24-hours have passed, and you decide to cancel BEFORE we finish our video conference together, there will be a $100 CANCELLATION FEE, but you will get the rest of your money back.

  3. The initial payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDABLE if you cancel AFTER the 30-minute video conference.

Extra fees you should expect

Cheetado has ONE FIXED PRICE that is paid in 2 PAYMENTS: an initial 80% payment and a final 20% payment.

However, there are a few extra costs for you regardless of who builds your website. Unfortunately, these are inevitable and will be necessary for as long as you want to keep your website alive:

  • Yearly cost for the Domain Name

  • Monthly or Yearly cost for Web Hosting

  • Monthly or Yearly cost for the Business Email

  • Monthly or Yearly cost for any Advertising of your website and SEO

About Websites

Presentation (or Corporate) Website

It is a website that presents your business to the world through text, images and/or videos.

To help you better understand how we go about building your website, we’ll compare it to building a house. Your house would have the major following components:

  • FOUNDATION (the structure on which the house is built)

    • Similarly in our package, the website’s foundation is WORDPRESS (CMS – Content Management System), one of the most popular website platforms in the world. It’s really user-friendly, robust, and secure. Anyone who will ever need to work on your website in the future will be able to do so with EASE because there are so many online tutorials available.

  • ARCHITECTURE (walls, stairs, rooms, roofs, etc.)

    • We work with some of the best WordPress templates currently available. They are solid, very well built and developed, feature-rich, and very well maintained by many developers all around the world. Maintaining your website will be very easy and quick.

  • INTERIOR DESIGN (cabinets, furniture, art, etc.)

    • We’ll personalize your space, your website that is, using professionally written content that is created using some of the personal and business details you share with us during our video conference. We’ll find professional pictures that best express your business and aesthetic. We’ll work our magic to make it all come together in such a way that will not only look good, but inspire confidence and professionalism between you and your customers.

A typical PRESENTATION WEBSITE is made up of 6-10 pages, like the following:

  • HOME PAGE (a short preview of the entire company; a sneak peek of what the company is all about)

  • ABOUT US (a description of the company, its owners, its history, its mission and vision statements, etc.)

  • SERVICES (a list or description of the services and/or products the company provides)

  • TESTIMONIALS (an endorsement of, appreciation for, or recommendation of your company, its products, services, and/or its employees)

  • GALLERY (pictures and/or videos of the products and/or services provided to clients)

  • CONTACT US (contains the contact information, a contact form, a map, directions, etc.)

  • OTHER pages like these.

A Presentation Website INCLUDES:

  • A CONTACT FORM and/or a REQUEST FOR QUOTE or SERVICE FORM, and/or similar simple forms as such



  • RESPONSIVENESS, meaning the website looks and operates well on any device including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and both low and high resolution screens.

A Presentation Website IS NOT:

  • An E-COMMERCE website, where you can sell products & services and have the ability to process payments and more.

  • A MEMBERSHIP or USER LOG-IN website where members can create accounts.

Please note, if you ARE interested in adding additional features like these, we can certainly work with you to do so. These will be considered in ADDITION to our basic 10-day package for a presentation website and we can provide you with a quote at the appropriate time.


A logo is a symbol or design element that a company adopts to identify its services, products, and pretty much everything else associated with it. It’s used in printed and digital form for the following:

  • Products

  • Vehicles

  • Hats and t-shirts

  • Business cards, brochures, flyers, posters

  • Email signatures

  • Letterheads, invoices, and other documents

  • Commercials and promotions

  • Advertising, of any kind

  • Etc.

We offer logo development in our basic package if you are interested, whether you don’t have one at all or just want a new one. Our designers can create a logo for your business that can be used in the website. As a reminder, our package allows you an additional 20 non-business days to make 3 more changes to the logo, if you’re not first satisfied with it.

Domain Name

Domain Name = Website Address on the Internet. Think of it like a house’s physical address. On the Internet, this address is in the form of “dot com” or “dot org.”

For example, if your business’ name is “John’s Bakery” then most likely your domain name will be something like “”

Now here are a few things you need to know about domain names/website addresses:

  • Though they’re NOT FREE, they are affordable for most. Regardless of who you buy your domain name from, it’ll be around $15/year after the promotion ends.

  • In order to find a domain name you first have to check if it’s available for purchase. Here are some places you can search:

  • Your business email addresses will have the domain name after the “@” sign. Per our example, that might be something like “”

  • Try to find a domain name that’s both short and easy to remember since your business emails will have this domain name attached to them. Remember, this is information you’ll be giving out a lot, so you don’t want to have to spell it out each time.

  • The domain name IS NOT INCLUDED in the package we offer. It is the client’s responsibility to pay for the domain name since it’s a recurring cost.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting describes where your website lives. In other words, it’s where your website is physically saved, also known as a “server.” A computer that is powerful enough to save multiple servers together in a secure facility is known as a “data center.”

To better understand what we’re describing, imagine that a server is the land on which a house is built. Just like people pay taxes for the land their house resides on, so you must pay a monthly or yearly fee to a hosting company for housing your website.

There are a few things worth mentioning about web hosting:

  • Web hosting is an additional cost NOT included in our package. Because it’s a recurring cost necessary to keep your website “live”, it will be your responsibility as the client to pay for it as long as you want your website accessible.

Business Email Address

While Gmail and Yahoo emails are great and work just fine, they are not professional business email addresses. Using a Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Live, Outlook, or any other major common email service gives the impression of a business that is not very authentic or reliable, or one that is newly started and not yet well established. It just doesn’t inspire confidence.

For example, if your web address or domain name were “,” then the professional business email would be something like “” This looks more professional and trustworthy than “”

A business email address requires a monthly or yearly fee, roughly $60 per year – this is NOT included in the package we offer and will be an additional cost for the client. CheetaDo does not provide or support the business email addresses, but will set them up if the client has not already done so.

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity of a business is a combination of the following elements:

  • Company logo

  • Business cards

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Banners

  • Letterheads

  • Any other digital or printed material

Advertising Your Website & SEO


Don’t get us wrong: it’s VERY important to have a website because it’s the very FIRST STEP to getting your business on the map to be seen by customers. Once you have a website though, you have to PROMOTE and ADVERTISE it since there are millions of other corporate websites out there. In the same way promoting your business online without a website is not very effective, so is having a website that you don’t advertise: it doesn’t do very much for you.

A few ways to promote your website include (but are not limited to):

  • SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc.

  • Running Google Ads

  • Placing your website on Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.

  • Placing your website on a larger website that specializes in the same field as your business

  • And more…

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. People use Google to search for everything, producing millions of search results. If your business isn’t listed on that very first results page, the chance that someone will find your business via a Google search, is next to impossible.

Some SEO practices include the following:

  • Website content that contains enough keywords related to the area of expertise in which you conduct business

  • New weekly blog posts containing important keywords related to your business

  • Constantly updating your website and refreshing its content

  • Links on your own website to other related businesses, similar to yours

  • Custom landing pages containing specific keywords that can be easily found by search engines and designed specifically for the type of customers you’re trying to find and draw in.

  • And more…

Please note: our service package will build your website and SET IT UP to be SEO friendly and easily found online, but it will not actually optimize and promote your website. Optimizing and promoting a website is another area of expertise that can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands and even to tens of thousands of dollars per month, depending on the scale. When done well, it can bring in countless customers to your business.

WordPress Platform & Professional WordPress Themes

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform will be the foundation of your website. It’s a very solid structure, one of the most popularly used by web designers throughout the world today. It’s well maintained, constantly updated, robust, secure, and very user-friendly.

Because the professional theme we use has many excellent features already built into it and provides all the necessary features right out of the box, it won’t require additional modifications to the basis of the code. This is a particularly important aspect because it allows a regular web designer to perform the necessary updates & maintenance of your website rather than a costly senior programmer…which saves you money!

A Professional WordPress Theme costs around $100 and is included in the package we offer. When we’re all through with creating your website, you will own the license to the professional theme as well.

Own The Entire Website

In order to use any professional PICTURES, text, or plugins in your website, we need to buy a COPYRIGHT LICENSE for every component. Once we turn the website over to you, you will own all these necessary licenses, which will protect you from any trouble that comes from using these pieces without a copyright. THE COST for all these licenses is INCLUDED in the basic package we offer.

In other words, to own the entire website with its components means that you are the licensed owner of the following:

  • Template (value of $100 or more)

  • Plugins used in the template (value of $200 or more)

  • Content text and images (value of $300 – $500)

CheetaDo releases all the rights to the client in regards to the website we build. The client literally owns it all and can do whatever he/she wants with the website and its content. Once CheetaDo receives the last 20% payment, it’s ALL YOURS.